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 Princess Yukara

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PostSubject: Princess Yukara   Mon Mar 07, 2016 6:24 am

Name: Yukara Oshiro
Age: 23
Kingdom: Nimura
Keyblade: ServoCurrent

Hues of multicolored lasers traced unique paths through the air in never ending vectors, smoke leaked up through the vents around the stage’s edges, and the chaotic energetic waves of sound emanated from the three-sixty arena seating.

“You ready to perform Kara?” the male bass came through my silver ear cuff.

“Of course I am Shingyo, this isn’t my first concert with this massive a crowd. I’ll be fine.”

“Code their lives.” Our personal ritualistic message signaled as the opening chords of my set sounded through the speakers. With that, the cloaking holograms dissipated and I was left there in the middle of the arena, posed and ready to entertain the crowd. The roar of the crowd amplified and begun to drown out the first song I had planned. Flicking my wrist, the dials to the speakers rotated and overpowered the unwanted noise pollution. Smirking, I brushed the navy strands out of my peripheral view. Let’s get this show on the road! Hearing the approach of my cue, I brought the microphone to my mouth and released a voice full of yearning, exhilaration, and passion. This was the drive that allowed me to break the boundaries of a typical royal.

As the show progressed, backup dancers faded in and out, the scenes on the digital floor pulsed with multiple colors, and a quick change was accomplished. Not before long, I was getting the signal loud and clear.

“Kara download successful.” Another part of our ritual that always making me grin from ear to ear.

“Well everyone it has been a pleasure and I can’t wait to see you all next time!” Just a standard goodnight wrap up to please the crowd. Performing a final bow, the cloak recast itself and I made my way off screen, back into my dressing room. “Excellent performance” and “Good job” compliments rained down in force until I pressed the door closed behind me, a sigh of relief escaping my lips.

“You didn’t hit the C note in the fourth song, second verse. Also your speed for changing out outfits was subpar.” Shingyo was sprawled across the sofa in the corner, eyes transfixed upon mine. “But like always, you were stunning and provided all those patrons with fond memories.” A warm sensation graced my cheeks, pigment darkening.

“Well I’m glad that you liked the show, seeing as all you have to do is sit their and watch me. Maybe for my next show yo-...” Firm knocks rap against the dressing room door. I look over to Shingyo who shrugs his shoulders and walks to the door to open it. On the other side of the door stood a young boy and girl dressed in more of my merchandise than the stores owned. “Hello there young ones. Did you want an autograph or picture with the stunning Yui?” he kneeled in front of them and smiled.

Shingyo flew across the room in an instant, forming an indent in the steel walls. His chest now had two inch wide gap, something shouldn’t even be possible. A cold chill surfed down my spine as the room settled into silence. Slowly looking at the kids, a dark light was resonated around them. Their faces seemed void of emotions, just blank stares revealing nothing but black. Standing, I backed away from them till I felt my hands brush the metal wall.

My mind was hardly processing as they came closer and closer to me, each step, they dissolved into blackened forms. A few feet away from me, and no trace of the kids remained, only darkened silhouettes. “Please don’t.” tears welled up in my eyes. Hands outreached, “Stay away, please”

No one will know. Where to look. Who's missing.

This was my secret, my life, and my world. My family, my fans, no one knows it all, no one except- “SHINGYO!”

As the darklings reached with talons extended, a warmth radiated from my palm meeting against a frigid exterior. Gazing in front of me, my hand was touching Shingyo’s chest, a light radiating around both my hand and him. “Shingyo?”

“Relax Kara, I made a promise.” was all I heard before the dressing room filled with light.
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Princess Yukara
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