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 [Profile] Shizuka

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PostSubject: [Profile] Shizuka   Mon Mar 07, 2016 6:23 am

Name: Shizuka (Last Name Unknown)
Age: 24
Sex: Female


The Princess of Calvaria; the child everyone has ever loved. The kind heart and soul of thr world it once was. This young woman is the younger sister of Haru. Shizuka came into the world when her brother was only two years old. Her mother had a very rough pregnancy with her. For months her mother was sure that she was going to miscarry Shizuka. According to history her mother was trying to keep heartless out of Calvaria during the early months of the pregnancy. This caused stress on developing Shizuka.

One the day Shizuka was born the skies roared with thunder and lightning flashed in the sky. The storm was caused by her mother's awful shrieks and suffering trying to bring Shizuka into the world. Her father did all that he could to calm her but to no matter what Shizuka made it hard for her mother. Once she was born her mother fell unconscious making the people of Calvaria wonder if she was cursed being born. Until her mother could get her bearings, Shizuka was carefully care for by medicine men and women of Calvaria.

When her mother finally regained her composure; she happily scooped Shizuka into her arms and took care of her and never wanted her daughter out of her sight. Her mother was very close to her and often had her in her arms. Even though her daughter nearly took her life; Shizuka meant the world to her.

As Shizuka grew up her personality began to show; she was an excitable child. She always wanted to run around and play and often got her brother Haru in trouble because, she always put herself in danger's way. When it came to learning music, history, or culture Shizuka absorbed as much as she could with wide eyes and a large smile on her face.

She has tried to continue to smile through these dark times of being seperated from her parents. Like her brother she wants to find her mother and save the World they once loved. She has learned Healing Magick from the Great Merlin and will do whatever she can to ensure a bright future for all who cross her path. Once you meet Shizuka once, she will keep you in her life no matter what. She is the warmth in the coldest of hearts and the future.
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[Profile] Shizuka
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