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 Lorelei Acrissius

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PostSubject: Lorelei Acrissius   Mon Mar 07, 2016 3:12 am


Princess of Tavnasia
Keyblade- Heart of Arcana

Special Ability: Elemental Infusion.

Hope is not something you find or something that is received. It is something created all on your own. It exists independently of the lives of all those around you and is born for your life, and your life alone.

“Will you come with me?”

His hand reached for me but a mere few inches…yet it extended from beyond countless dimensions and boundaries. How could I say no? No let me rephrase that, was saying no a capability of mine given what he was offering?

“Lorelei- I need you.”

Take it. For once in my life I could acknowledge my own wish and the wish of someone I desperately wanted to grant. And yet-


The glory of summer faded from his topaz eyes as he watched me stricken.
I couldn’t help but feel I had just witnessed the death of a star, a star that had collapsed in on itself and left naught but a void.


He held up a hand and stopped me, smiling a sad smile.

“I know you aren’t choosing me over them, that never crossed my mind… I just wish you were less perfect. Perhaps you were always too perfect for me to reach you.”

“Don’t do that,” I bit out angrily, “I’m not perfect. Don't...just dont... I don't want any more space between us please. I- I need to believe that in some place, some time…you and I would have had our chance.”

I watched as the two trees sustaining the portal began to wither. Their summer flourish had died with his eyes and their leaves began to fall. If only my words could fall forth so easily, words I could not speak. Words that could never be spoken for they would take all of me with them and cleanse all of what I am."

His image began to blur and his eyes widened.

“Gods I need more time,” he breathed, "There will never be enough time..." his voice choaked a little and that really broke me. Caliph was always so proud and in control of himself.

I have to tell him. He deserves to know, move Lorelei…move.

“Caliph! I-“

“-Lorelei I’m out of time.”

We’re out of time.

I began running towards him. I had to touch him one last time, one last confirmation that he had been real. I reached out beyond the countless dimensions, countless boundaries for him-


His image wavered and disappeared altogether as I fell through the air that should have been him.

I laid there for an eternity, afraid to move, afraid to breathe, because that would mean another step forward into time without him.
I clutched the leaves that he had stood upon, wanting to hold anything left of him.

“Caliph…I love you.”

But you will never know...

I shouldered on through the kingdom as the word witch was hissed at me from all sides. A rock struck my cheek and I recoiled, tasting blood, but I kept moving forward. I was going to die…But I would ensure the lives of my family.
I heard a voice ring above the din of the crowd and I turned as my sister came careening into me.

“Lorelei! Why did you come back! Why did you-“

She fell to the ground and sobbed, clutching my waist.

“Leilei you don’t have to do this…”

“Lisanna… I want to do this. My deat- my choice today will mean you, Nyx, father and mother will live. I will go knowing my life had meaning.”

I pried her hands from my waist and cupped her face.

“Smile for me please? Give me courage- I’m…I’m afraid."

Lisanna blinked away tears and gave me the worst distortion of a grin this world could offer. But it meant more to me than I had time to express.

“Goodbye Lisanna.”

I walked up on to the stage and yanking me forwards, Lisanna clawing at them to release me as the restraints fastened around my wrist.“

Leilei!” Her young face was twisted in pain as she reached for me, begging the guards to release me.

A guard backhanded her and she dropped to the floor.

“Lisanna!” I twisted back but was punched in the abdomen as I doubled over in pain.

Lisanna shakily sat up.

“I won’t forget you Leilei.” Her small face once more tried to force a smile for me.

I was bound to the wooden support beam in the middle of the stage with my hands behind the pillar.
Mother and Father hadn’t showed. But that was to be expected, they couldn’t risk being accused of being witch supporters. My sister was young, they would chalk it up to my sorcery bewitching her, and Nyx…

"Big sister why aren’t you here…" I whispered.

I held my head proudly and stared straight ahead, refusing to gaze at the hatred from the crowd.
Oliarch Eventide stepped up to me. This man… this man may have killed me but now he would never have my family.
He lit the torch himself and walked up to me with evil in his eyes.

“My young princess, how sad I am to see you go.”

I focused on my sister’s smiling face and used that to strengthen me. I came this far, I would not break.

“For crimes against the kingdom! I sentence this witch to burn for her heresy and allow God’s cleansing flames to purify her soul!”

The crowd cheered, actually cheered for a person to burn alive. These were the people I had spent my life protecting, yet I could not hate them. They were ignorant, and even now I would be protecting them. I would die as I had always strived to live and that would be enough for me.

He touched the torch to the straw and it went up in a blaze like the flames were hungry for me.

This was it.

He came closer and gripped my chin, “Princess, how defeated you look.”

I met his eyes and didn’t back down. He had cost me my love. Cost me my family. Cost me my people. Cost me my life, yet I stood here today by my choices, by my mind, and body. I was not broken. I would not let this man or anyone else destroy my pride.

“You will not defeat me counselor. You only make me stronger.”

Light exploded from my chest and struck him as he shrieked with fury and fell back, his flesh burning away to reveal a being formed of shadow.The people screamed in terror as he flailed about hissing in fury.
The flames shot up around us in a ring of flames as Lisanna screamed for someone to help me.
I stared in shock, whether it was because of the light that came from me or this...demon standing before me I couldn't tell.

“This is what you really are you monster!” I fought to free my hands as the light continued to pour from my body.

He struck out at me as the whole world went up in flame and white light.

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Lorelei Acrissius
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