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 [Profile] Haru

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PostSubject: [Profile] Haru   Sun Mar 06, 2016 4:22 pm

Name: Haru (Last Name Unknown)
Age: 26
Sex: Male


Haru’s past is a confusing one for most and it's best to be told as simple as possible. According to records, Haru was born to a Goddess & God. The two of them ruled a world called, Calvaria and it was a small world not known to many. People from all over the universe lived here and prospered raising families, farming, selling their products, etc. The people of Calvaria prayed often to their Goddess thanking her for taking care of them for so many years. She kindly watched over them with no issues and she enjoyed that; watching over and protecting the people of Calvaria was their focus.

As time passed many noticed how the land really had no rulers besides the Goddess and the God. Since they highly respected their Lords, they asked them if they would become the Queen and King of these lands. After much discussion it was decided that they would rule the lands of Calvaria and help with anyway they could. It was said shortly after this change in Calvaria, The Goddess was pregnant with her first child.
Haru was born to his parents and was a gift to the people of Calvaria. The people were excited to know that someday he would rise to the throne and take care of the people. For now his parents would rule until the time they will decide to go into Eternal Sleep; for now the people were happy with a Prince. Not all people were thrilled with the idea of a prince being born; it's been said that someone tried to kill him when he was only two years of age. Luckily, he was able to survive by the protection of his father.

When Haru turned three his mother gave birth to a second child; a princess who would be named, Shizuka. Haru’s mother had a difficult pregnancy with Shizuka and so they people did all they could to ensure her recovery. Due to the difficult pregnancy Haru’s mother experienced, Shizuka was born very frail and many wondered if she would even survive her first year alive. Miraculously, Shizuka pulled through and the people rejoiced; due to her weak body as a child Haru was constantly told to protect his little sister and to make sure no harm came between them. His mother even warned him the night of what most call, the downfall of Calvaria.
When Haru was only 16 years of age, his mother came bursting into his room one evening. She had said to him she sensed a danger like no other and that she needed to protect the people of this land. With the magic she possessed she had created a portal to a powerful magician named, Merlin. She told Haru to take his sister and go to Merlin; she promised to come back to them as soon as the danger was away from the people. Haru refused to go and wanted to help keep the people safe but, his father intervened throwing them into the portal. It has been documented that Haru’s parents never died in the Battle Of Calvaria but, instead were captured by a dark force.

It has been 10 years since the Fall of Calvaria, and recently a letter came to Merlin from a wanderer in Traverse Town. The Wanderer sent a letter saying that he was once friends with Haru’s mother. He knows for a fact that she was captured and is being held captive by the heartless; he also believes that Haru’s father has been trapped as well under a dark spell. The letter also states that the Heartless were clueless leaving Valuable clues to help him find them. After training in magic for over 10 years with Merlin, Haru and his sister shall now head to Traverse Town with only one goal in mind; bringing back their parents and restoring the land of Calvaria.

As complicated as Haru's story is; he is one simple man. Generally he is a kind young man who has a calm state of mind. He can be approached easily by anyone and, he is respectful with meeting new people. Haru can have a temper but, he tries to keep it in place for because whenever he gets upset an injury he received as a child bothers him. His relationship with his younger sister is a tough one; growing up the older brother was never easy. Not only was Haru being groomed to be the next to take the throne he was also told to protect his sister since she was frail when they were growing up. Often this irritated him and often got him in trouble if he did not care for her in the proper way. The throne isn't even a thought for him right now because, all he really wants to do is find his family; he wants to make his heart full again.
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[Profile] Haru
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