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 Jace Okami

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Jace Okami

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PostSubject: Jace Okami   Thu Mar 10, 2016 5:26 pm

Name: Jace Okami
King of Avaria
Keyblade - Judgement
Special Ability: Life Transfusion


The war between the kingdoms has been going on for generations.  We no longer remember why we fight, only that our father's fought, and theirs before them, and before them.  Each new dawn brings a fresh chaos, and each days dusk shows new destruction.  The kingdom of Avaria was near its end, like a dead tree refusing to yield to the wind, it was but a matter of time.

Jace was a very proud king, with a very kind and passionate heart.  A king who fought to protect his people, his kingdom, and his love.  With each new day, the battles grew more fierce, more soldiers vanished, and hope slipped further and further away.  It was in these dark times that Jace's light, his heart, began to dim.  Slowly slipping away until only a faint glimmer remained.

It was during this time that the king became very violent, full of bloodlust, and rage.  Without his own light to guide him, he was slowly giving into the darkness.  Living each day only for battle, not to protect, or to save, but to simply destroy and sew new chaos.  With this darkness came a new power, a strong power, one that the king was happy to accept.  But this new found power had a high price, for the longer it was used, the fainting the light from his heart became.  Until there was no light left.

The queen stood by her king though it all, watched as the brilliant light she loved, slowly faded into nothingness.  She watched the darkness consume him, but still she loved him more than the kingdom or its people.  For her heart too was powerful, full of love and happy memories, it kept her strong as the kingdom crumbled around them.

As time passed, the kingdom of Avaria fell.  However, the king did not stop, fully consumed by the darkness, he was a mere shade of himself, without love or hate, purpose or reason, he simply existed to devour light.  However with all the destruction and malice that had progressed over the generations, there was no light left.  All light from the realm had faded away, hearts withered, and vanished.  A realm standing still, lost in time, a realm of heartless.  In this realm there was one light however that still remained.  It remained hidden away, deep within the Avarian keep, still shining with a love that burned bright.  This last hope of light however, would not last, for surrounded by darkness, it too, started to dim.  There was still one last hope, but at a high price, and unknown outcome.

It was very dark in the dungeon when the king awoke.  He found himself upon a table, cold, wet, and with little memory of anything.  It had been several years since the darkness took hold, and now, it was as he had awoken from a very long sleep.  He felt around aimlessly in the dark, feeling another table nearby.  He was unsure what was on it, it was cold, and soft, and had a strange odor, one he felt he recognized, but his foggy mind could not place.  He found some old robes hanging upon a door, he dressed himself in the musty old rags, and proceeded to open it.  As the door swung open, a faint light shown through from the moonlit sky, and the king turned to look around the room he had awoken in.  He saw a almost nothing, except the table he had crawled off of and the other.  He could make out a silhouette of a person, he could see the white garb it was wearing, and what appeared to be a large red stain in the center of its chest.  He turned back toward the moonlight, and stepped outside.

The king stopped and stared, a small tear trying to form, a burning aching pain coming from somewhere deep inside.  The was nothing, utter silence, and darkness.  The king gazed upon the ruins of his keep, of his city, of his kingdom.  What had happened he wondered, the last memory he had was fighting on the battlefield, fighting to protect his kingdom.  Now there was nothing, even the fires of his enemies no longer shown from the dark horizon.  He wondered around in a daze, moving about the darkness with no destination in mind.  Simply walking, moving forward.  Something felt odd to him though, something seemed as if it was missing, something he couldn't remember.  His thoughts were muddled, and the only thing that made any sense to him in this moment, was the faint ache coming from inside him.  

As he walked he saw shadows, not ordinary shadows, but beings of darkness that walked upright like men.  As he approached near to them, they turned quickly.  Hollow eyes with a faint red glow piercing his very soul, and then just as suddenly, they bowed, and got kept their gaze upon the ground.  As his people once did, these creatures bowed to him as their king, and he could not understand.  What was happening, where everything had gone, and then, the aching within him started again.  A faint pulsing that resonated through his entire body, it was warm and inviting, but he felt only pain.  As this ache continued, the shadow creatures began to look away from the ground, and fix their gaze upon the king.  Something was different, they seems angry, dangerous, and the king felt a wave of fear.  He was alone, with no weapon, he was in pain, and now there are monsters looking upon him as a meal.

The king began to step back, to move away from these shadow creatures, but he could not get away.  They surrounded him, and leaped upon him, they struck fast and hard like a river torrent.  He fell to the ground, yet, he did not feel but slight pain.  He expected to see blood rushing out, but there was none.  What he saw filled him with terror, where there was flesh, now was only shadow.  Instead of blood, a dark mist lightly fell, drifting down slowly like snowflakes.  He now realized why these creatures bowed to him, he was one of them, a monster of shadow.  Now more confused than before, lost and alone, about to be killed by creatures he did not understand.  The pain he was feeling got started to get stronger, and stronger, the king nearly keeled over from pain as the shadow beings rushed at him once more.  The king looked up at them, ready to accept his fate, until a bright light began to emanate from within him.

The bright light stopped the shadow creatures in their tracks, shining like a lighthouse on a barren sea.  The light hurt the kings eyes, he closed them, and held out his hand to prepare for the assault that was coming.  Then the light faded, vanishing in an instant.  When he opened his eyes, he saw a bright sky and buildings, and could hear voices all around him.  He was dazed, disoriented, and now, feeling more fear than when he was being attacked.  He approached a passerby to ask where he was, they looked at him, with a frozen expression of fear and barely audible whispered to him, "Traverse Town".

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Jace Okami
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