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 Awakening: World of Darkness

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PostSubject: Awakening: World of Darkness   Wed Mar 09, 2016 5:19 pm


I sucked in a deep breath and spluttered remembering the choking feeling of my throat having been slashed wide open.
I coughed and rolled over to my side grasping at my-
-perfectly wholesome neck.

“What the hell?”

I glanced around and saw that I was surrounded by darkness. The only small source of light came from a splash of twilight blue that fell from the ceiling above. It caused the darkness around me to dance and surge like it was living organs and I felt like I’d been swallowed alive.

I guess I was in Hell.

I stared downcast at my boots and sighed, trying to hold back the overwhelming despair threatening to claw its way from my eyes.
I heard a screech and spun to face the sound.
A giant, some form of titan forged from the inky blackness that pulsed around me detached itself from the wall and its yellow eyes gleamed with hunger as they stared down at me.
Its giant hand reached for me and I closed my eyes with acceptance.
What did it matter? Out of one hell, into another, maybe when this thing killed me I would just wake up in an entirely new nightmare. I deserved it for what I had done to my sister Cicely.
Its hand grasped me and I was lifted into the air, once more completely in the palm of another’s hand.
It wouldn’t be long now…

“Don’t give up!”

A woman’s cool, clear voice called out to me and my eyes snapped open to the beast in front of me.
What the hell was I doing!?
I thrashed against its hand but couldn’t gain any purchase against its massive strength.
Light burst through the darkness casting aside every ounce of shadow as the woman held her arms high.
Three key shaped weapons appeared above her and she pointed towards me as they flew forward and slashed cleanly through the arm that held me and I fell to the ground.
She sprinted forward and took hold of me.

“Rid your heart of doubts! You aren’t dead yet, you can still change things. So long as you are breathing you can fight to choose the life you want to live!”

Another giant arose and its hand came crashing towards us.

“I won’t let you take anyone else,” she said defiantly.

A dome of light formed around us as she held up her hands forcing the creature back.

“Who are you?”  I said breathlessly.

“I’m Aqua, you’re going to have to trust me okay?”

I nodded, not really seeing much choice but something about her eyes and her voice made me want to believe in her.

“On the count of three, we’re going to run ok? 1…2…3!”

She dropped the barrier and we bolted at breakneck speed in the only obvious direction: away from the creature.
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PostSubject: World of Darkness: Allies   Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:14 am

We finally came to a halt within a small alcove formed naturally by the strange walls here.
Inscribed all across the entrance were runes and I recognized a few from Master's- from...Dimitrie's spellbooks.
"Light, Protect, Ward, Cloak..." I read aloud the ones I understood and Aqua looked shock.
"Did you study at the Keyblade Academy? Master Eraqus discovered these runes."
I shook my head, "My...mentor, he had these in countless spellbooks of his."
She grew excited at this, "So you are versed in magick!?"
I nodded, "I gleaned the basics from my time with him."
I reached into my coat pocket and extracted his grimoire along with the thirteen cards that he had never let leave his side.
She backed away slowly, "That's dark magick."
I chuckled, "We do what we must to survive."
I eyed her coolly, "Is this the part where you tell me I'm on my own?"
She sat and concentrated producing a small flame in the palm of her hand.
"This is about all I can muster down here. Your dark magick will be much more amplified in this place, It might be just what we need to get out of here."
"That was surprisingly logical, I thought it would be more difficult to convince you, especially a keyblade academy student."
She looked down and absently thumbed a charm at her belt.
"My friends taught me that darkness is within all of us, leaning too far towards light or towards darkness will only push away the people you love."
I thought of my sister and what I had done.
"Such a true statement, Aqua."
She extended her hand, "You know my name, how about yours?"
I took the offered hand, "Sephiran."
"If you are willing to fight, between the two of us we can probably make it to the upper levels, from there are pathways to connect to destiny beach, the waters there can take us to other worlds."
"Anything beats this place, how'd you wind up down here anyways?"
That look came back to her, "I did what was needed to save a friend...you?"
I sighed, "I did what was needed for a chance at freedom...true freedom."
She had the good wisdom not to press the subject.
"We'll rest here for the- well, for the darkest of the darkness, and later in the less dark of the darkness we'll make our bid for the world above."
"What makes you think you can trust me?" I asked her.
"I don't have a choice." With that, she rolled over and within seconds her breathing evened out and she fell asleep.
Hmm she must be more exhausted than I th-
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Awakening: World of Darkness
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